Valentine’s Day Gifts


Valentine's Day Gifts (for your sweetie, for you) are the absolute best for one major reason: pink and red simply belong together. The romantic holiday is unabashedly one of favorites here at Noir Friday. Some may say it's too saccharine, too contrived, too depressing. We say it's an excuse to buy yourself a heart-print sweatshirt [...]

Gifts for You


You took care of everyone on your gift list—now it's time to gift yourself and grab those items you really want. January is one of the of the best shopping months, with everything on final sale. I often pick up a major piece on deep sale after the holidays—past items have included this Altuzarra parka, [...]

Gifts for the Glam Girl


Sequins, bows, ruffles—yes, please. Let's just say that we here at Noir Friday can appreciate the more is more philosophy. The glam girl's taste veers toward the utterly ridiculous—in the best possible way. This is the girl who wants to stand out—and here are the gifs guaranteed to make that happen.

Best Sale Finds: 2015


A good way to reflect on the previous year is to look back on its fashions: that sweater you bought when you received a promotion, the shoe you purchased for that goosebumps-inducing event, the dress you found on sale that made you do a dance in the dressing room. I catalogue everything in [...]

Making a list…


For me, the shopping season always begins with the Net-A-Porter sale. It is typically on Cyber Monday but they were sneaky last year and did it a couple of days before Thanksgiving. Here, a slew of items I have my eye on, plus the five top things I’m looking for this sales season. [...]



The spring sales will be starting soon. Very early discounts are already trickling in, with promos such as 25 percent off for friends and family or an extra 25 percent off sale items. I don’t usually shop these preliminary sales unless I’m getting something for my daughter. The selection is small at this [...]

Love Always


My husband and I both shop the December/January sales, which means we won’t be exchanging gifts with one another for, well, ever. We don’t really buy each other gifts anymore. I’m happy with a card for Valentine’s Day and some quality time with the people I love. To me, Valentine’s Day is more [...]

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