Graphic Tee Shirts

Graphic tee shirts are one of my favorite ways to throw things off a bit. You know I need to take an outfit and turn it slightly on its head for it to feel complete. I regularly wore fun T-shirts with blazers when I worked in an office every day. I couldn’t bear to be 100 percent lady- or business-like. So I’d throw on an Orange Crush tee shirt (I have a vivid memory of this one) or an “I (heart) Nueva York” tank (remember those 3.1 Phillip Lim ones?). The culture clash this provided in my more conservative-dressing office during my last gig as a travel editor was 100 percent intentional. But I’m also a sucker for good typography and I like a little wink somewhere. I feel strongly that one should have fun with fashion and not take everything it too seriously. When I saw this Metallica tee at H&M recently, it had actually been a while since I had worn a graphic T-shirt. That’s another thing I love about fashion: how things come and go depending on trends, life, moods. Shop some of my favorite graphic tees below.

Photos by Ashley of Sed Bona.