What’s better than finding the designer shoes you have been lusting over on sale — and in your size. Noir Friday is a site dedicated to shopping and finding that shoe/bag/sweater you absolutely must own for the best price possible. It’s all about knowing when to buy, when to wait and when to invest, and building the wardrobe of your dreams. People always comment on how lucky I am when it comes to getting a good deal on a handbag or a pair of shoes. My response, only half-joking, is that it’s not really luck when you are always on the lookout. At Noir Friday we keep watch together, talk about when to snap something up (and when to walk away) and when something is worthy of a splurge.

About me: I have worked as a magazine editor (Ladies’ Home Journal), writer (Self, Glamour, Fitness, lots and lots of others) and editorial director (Forbes Travel Guide). I have covered everything from how to walk like a model to how to lose weight eating only fast food (I actually did this for Fitness magazine for a week). I decided to start a site about shopping when I realized the question people asked me the most is where I found my sweater, skirt, bag, necklace (insert any fashion item here), and I would always go on to say how I actually found it on sale…

I believe:

  • That every day is Black Friday. Thank you, World Wide Web!
  • That every piece in your wardrobe should sing. There are no basics.
  • That you should add those dreamy pieces to your shopping list. You never know if you might be able to snatch it up. Start with your wish list and work from there.
  • That you sometimes have to act now and think later. That’s what the return policy is for.
  • That knowing when to say no is just as important as saying yes. There will always be another pretty thing that you’re absolutely obsessed with…onward!

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