This Adorable Floral Dress is Less than $15

This beautiful floral dress is on sale for less than $15. It’s one of those pieces you come across on sale from time to time that makes you scratch your head and do a double-take to make sure the price tag isn’t missing a number. I had a similar experience with this coat recently. I still can’t believe what a steal it was (and I have worn it a hundred times already; it is so cozy and really looks expensive). The goth blossoms on this dress are moody and romantic and I love the flirty hemline with the long sleeves. I really like long sleeves when the hem is short. I’m drawn to these dresses for spring since you’re a little covered up, and a little not.

I would wear it with fishnet or net stockings. I recently bought these and I LOVE them.

Shop it here:

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