Lucky Breaks


It’s officially fall but temperatures are still in the 80s. Hello, (super long) Indian summer. This shoot took place a few weeks ago and I wanted to post it before we in Chicago pull out the sweaters and boots for the next few months (not complaining) because we need to talk about these SHOES (and my new favorite denim brand).


The jeans. I always buy denim from Rag & Bone or JBrand. I know they almost always fit well and so I pick up a new pair here and there when I see my size on sale, usually at Barneys, Neiman Marcus and Shopbop. But since I have been doing this for years now, I’ve been itching to try a new brand. I had heard good things about Frame Denim when I saw this distressed pair with a nice cropped length on sale at Neiman Marcus. Turns out they are super comfortable—stretchy but not too stretchy—and a good fit. The top is Rag & Bone, also found on sale at NM.



The sunglasses. I found these sunglasses on sale at Net-A-Porter. I had been wearing a red pair that I picked up for free (see them here) while eating lunch one day on the patio of a popular restaurant. They were stacked on top of the bar for people to take and so I did and I wore them so much I decided to invest in some red frames. I loved the mod shape of these. It’s always risky buying sunglasses online but I was lucky with these and Net-A-Porter has the easiest returns policy in the world and terrific customer service. Now I wear these and the free pair because when something looks good, it looks good.



The SHOES. I saw these clompy 70s sandals on sale at Neiman Marcus one day. It was one of those days when you visit the store to return something and BAM, there it is, the thing you must have that hijacks everything else you have going on that day, and in life, because of course they are only available in size 12 and it’s late in the season and well, good luck, Charlie. Chanel is usually only reduced 30 percent, max, and these were more like 70 (which I believe has to have been a mistake but, hey, not my problemo). But you know, you snooze, you lose. Which of course only makes you want them more. So I promptly marched up to the men’s floor to find Jack Stern, a swell guy who I’ve known for years and who can literally find anything (a super shopper is a super shopper and sometimes you have to think outside the box/department). Jack searched the country and found one pair in a size 40 (10), which ended up fitting perfectly since Chanel runs so small.






I bought them so late in the season, I only had a chance to wear them a couple of times, but it gives me something to look forward to for next summer. By then the 70s trend will be so over but ask me if I care. (I would argue that it is not a trend but a way of life, ha!) So long, summer. It’s been fortuitous.

On to fall.


Photos by Ashley of Sed Bona.

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