Fun Sneakers

Anna Roufos Sosa of Noir Friday wearing Miu Miu sneakers

I have become a sneaker geek in recent years. The wear-sneakers-with-everything trend pretty much coincided with the birth of my daughter (now five) and I have been scooping up both high and low versions ever since.

I found these Miu Miu glitter shoes on sale at Neiman Marcus a few years back and wear them constantly. I have an old-school pair of Gucci sneakers from a Saks sale a few years back that I also pull out every spring. Little did I know at that time just what a score those were. Good luck getting a pair of Gucci kicks on sale now and I’m dying over the floral embroidered pair below. I linked to a bunch of them so we can keep watch together–fingers crossed that a pair somewhere goes on sale. I’m also absolutely crazy about the Roger Vivier slides and I will be heavily stalking those.

I also really love the candy-color striped Gazelle Adidas and the black and white Nike kicks are pretty perfect, too.



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