Happy Feet: 38 Styles of Slip-On Sneakers


As a mom, I’m all about being chic and comfortable. I’m on the school run far more than I’m attending fancy parties or fashion shows and what could be easier than stepping into a pair of slip-on sneakers and dashing out the door. But I’d say the main reason I have added a lot more of these (and other) sneakers to my wardrobe in recent years has more to do with my personal style mantra. I like a little cool-girl vibe with my more feminine looks. Anything too literal has always made me panic a little (scary but true) so seeing celebrities on the red carpet in Chanel and Vans was not exactly revelatory. But the activewear trend has given us a wild number of options to choose from.


The slip-ons from Joshua Sanders are my favorite. I always like something playful and I appreciate the platform on them. The shearling ones (in the links) sound like heaven. I’m going to be keeping a watch on those come sale season. And I am such a Christmas dork because I really want the green ones with the snowman and pom moms (yes, yes, I do). The Dolce & Gabbana ones with the (removable) fur strip are outrageous (in the best possible way). I tried them on at the store and they would be super cute with rolled up jeans. Watching those, too. Of course, no guide to slip-on sneakers would be complete without a pair of Vans.

I wear slip-on sneakers this time of year especially. They are the perfect shoe during this transitional weather, when you no longer care to wear sandals but you’re not quite ready for boots. Here are 38 of my favorites to stalk/buy now.

Photos by Ashley of Sed Bona.

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