This It Bag Is 10 Percent Off

Today’s deal is this It bag from Staud Clothing that’s 10 percent off with the promo STYLE10 at Net-A-Porter. I have been fixated on this bag (and a few others; see the full list in March Must-Haves). First, I see it practically every time I turn around: on Instagram each time I hop on my feed or stories and in street style photos from all the various fashion weeks. It’s definitely the It bag right now and I expect to see more of it this summer. I have been wondering if it will go on sale and I think it could go either way. It’s hot and selling out in many places; however, it is still available on a few different sites. It’s a toss up, which means it really comes down to how much you want it.

Shop it here for 10 percent off in these two beautiful colorways:

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