The Uniform



Most of us have a uniform: a go-to look for daily life. Since becoming a mommy, mine has been skinny jeans with ankle boots, a sweatshirt or sweater, jacket or blazer and a roomy tote.

I can fit everything but the kitchen sink in this Celine tote and it’s still lightweight, which is why I love it. Some totes are so heavy I want to set them down everywhere, which is obviously a bad idea.

I found these Chloe boots on sale this past December. I had wanted them forever. I bought the pink ones first because I found them for a good sale price at Saks Fifth Avenue a while back. You can absolutely get the color and suede ones on sale, so look out for those most definitely. But the black leather ones seldom go on sale and then not by much when they do. However, I saw them reduced for the second year straight on and I finally decided to pull the trigger. A statement shoe that is so comfortable you can walk for miles in it. They are basically the best thing since the rockstud.

The sweatshirt is Givenchy and I found it on sale at Saks. Givenchy is one of my favorite designers. I like feminine looks but I also like a little edge, like a shark tooth clasp on a pretty sandal. This sweatshirt is like wearing a piece of art. The jeans are my go-to J Brand. I always grab a pair or two when they go on sale.

I bought this T by Alexander Wang jacket during the final markdowns at Barneys New York this past winter. You need every kind of outerwear in Chicago and this is perfect for transitional weather.










TIP: If you’re new to scoring designer goods on sale, a good start is to work in two categories, which are far apart from one another: fantasy items that will add major sizzle to your wardrobe—a great jacket, statement shoe, a beautiful skirt—things you can use a million different ways in your closet to add major interest. And then it’s a good idea to think about what you wear every day and start investing there. Where are you in your life? When I worked in an office every day, I bought blouses from Forever 21 and was always on the hunt for jackets. I also bought more heels back then. Now I want to look stylish and still be comfortable.

Photos by Ashley of Sed Bona.


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