Valentine’s Day Gifts

Anna Roufos Sosa of Noir Friday picks the best gifts for Valentine's Day

I must say, I was never particularly into Valentine’s Day until a few years ago—it never occurred to me to give or even receive a gift. I still don’t expect my husband to give me a declaration of his love on that day. But I love all the pink and red and hearts. I love the heart-print products I have rounded up here and would absolutely adore them any day of the year. I love the pink Prada camera bag. I love the Anya Hindmarch heart-print case. I love it all. Items range from trinkets for less than $25 to $$$$ items/eye candy.

Perhaps my nose was always too buried in work to notice all the darling things that come around every Valentine’s Day until I had my daughter. Or maybe it’s a new thing. I know I actually began decorating for Valentine’s Day a couple of years ago because I was seeing all this cute stuff at Target. Doilies! Lights! Jars full of heart-shaped candy! Bring it.

Then last year, we ended up on vacation on Valentine’s Day and suddenly I was going all out. The place we stayed at was so beautifully decorated and I wore this Vivetta dress for the occasion.

These gifts are really an assortment of stuff I’d love to put on my own wish list, things I (hint hint) would most certainly not mind receiving now that I’ve drunk the Kool-Aid and items I plan to get for myself (the candle, perhaps a pair of slides) as well as for my daughter because little girls need to be decked out.

And so do their mommies! I love all of you!


Photo in graphic by Ashley of Sed Bona.

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