Look No Further for the Perfect Wicker Bag

If you’re like me, you have been searching for the perfect wicker or straw bag everywhere because a) they are very trendy and you are seeing them all over the place b) you need one for your resort/warm-weather looks and c) you don’t want to spend a bunch of cash on something made of twigs but you don’t want it to look cheesy and flimsy either. Well, look no further because I have found the perfect wicker bag for you—it has a great design and is under 50 bucks, making it today’s deal of the day. I know a lot of you are headed on warm-weather vacations and I am publishing a complete guide to the best resort pieces this week but I wanted you to see this bag STAT because you absolutely need to take it with you. Or here’s an idea: I have seen wicker and other basket bags being worn with winter coats and it looks cool. In any case, I love the retro boxy shape and wicker handle (read: no cheesy faux leather strap). And I really love the cotton lining through the cool geometric cutouts. Bon voyage, friends.

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