The Dress For All Your Upcoming Events

This lovely Self-Portrait dress would be perfect for Easter and springtime in general. My eye has been veering toward Self-Portrait dresses lately. Firstly, I’m in the mood for lace (especially white lace with black detailing) and the brand uses heaps of it. Secondly, I feel as though the designer is coming out with more pieces like this one here lately—sexy but covered up and not too complicated. I dislike pieces that are A) hard to put on and B) have too much going on (although my outfits themselves often have a lot going on). For me, some of the Self-Portrait dresses have an extra cutout that seems unnecessary. But with this dress, the bit of extra comes in the form of a divine cape effect that gives the piece a bit of retro glamour. And I adore the black belt and lilac trim. Overall, it’s prim but also edgy and I always love a good contrast.

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