Your Weekly Update

Anna Roufos Sosa of Noir Friday rounds up interesting links from around the web to start your week off.

This week’s Noir Friday update includes two new collaborations, the correct order for skincare products, ten new television shows to watch this summer, the cutest Easter eggs and lots more.

1. Since downloading the Think Dirty app (!!!), I have been trying to remove all toxic products from our home (including products I thought were safe—don’t be fooled by labels that say “natural” or make you think of a sweet little old lady, ug). Here are a bunch of non-toxic cleaners to consider.

2. What have you failed at this week?

3. I’m so excited for these ten TV shows coming out this summer.

4. Check out the Hunter x Targer collaboration launching April 14. There are so many cute coats, bags, an umbrella—and boots!

5. The adorable Harley Viera-Newton x Champion collaboration launched today. The pieces are available through Urban Outfitters. NF picks:

6. This article covers something I am always confused about: the correct order to apply skincare products.

7. How diet can affect mental health. (Side note: I wrote many articles on nutrition and health for magazines including Glamour, Fitness, Self, Women’s Health and others and one thing was always abundantly clear: a diet that eliminates whole food groups is not healthy and that includes the popular Whole30. Also, an occasional doughnut fits into a well balanced diet.)

8. We’re making these polka-dot Easter eggs this week. Are they not the cutest?

Wishing you a wonderful week.

Photo in graphic by Ashley of Sed Bona. See more here.

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