Spring Forward

There’s something so wonderful about spring forward (not the actual time change, which we all know is awful). What I mean is that I love the in-between style of this season. The image here captures exactly how I want to dress for the season: The blazers you can’t really wear during the winter (who wants to put a coat on top) with bare legs. Perfection. A little warmth, a little freedom.

Like the season, I have rounded up an eclectic mix of items to transition away from the dead of winter to a warmer, more outdoor lifestyle. I love being in the city this time of year. We always head to Los Angeles for spring break, perfect with its blooming flowers, mix of warm and cool weather (morning and night) and enormous palm trees swaying in the blue sky. We sat next to Roger Federer at breakfast one day! Quite the sighting!

Here, a few things to spring forward with:

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