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Welcome to my new column! I have been working hard lately to get my creative spark back—let me explain. I worked for many years as a magazine editor in New York, wrote for dozens of magazines as a freelance writer and then landed a gig as the director of content for Forbes Travel Guide. That last job is where I began learning about the web—social media wasn’t even around during my magazine years. And in a way, that was nice. I love focusing on my passions through this site and social media but the time I used to spend reading and thinking and just being has gone out the window.

So I have been working to get it back. And one of the things I thought to do during the resulting creative burst is this column. I hope it will let you see more of me and what’s going on in my head and inspire a bunch of things for you each week. I will, of course, cover which sales are truly worth your time. I’ll also let you know about a cool design, a delicious recipe, an interesting article, and lots more. So, let’s get started.

Here are 10 things happening right now:

1. FIRST COURSE. Saks Fifth Avenue is running its early spring Friends & Family sale. Early online access for 25 percent off opened up this morning and runs through 4/2. I use this sale to buy an Easter/birthday dress for Alexandra (the Zimmerman Kids pieces, meep!). You can also use it to pick up the spring break pieces you need.

2. MINI-ME. Alessandro Michele’s first collection for Gucci was THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN. His granny-chic looks make me feel that all is right with the world. The designs for kids are the little sprinkles on top and I CAN’T EVEN. Luisaviaroma has a bunch of must-see new items.

3. PARTY PLANNING. I finally settled on a theme for my daughter’s sixth birthday party coming up at the end of April and it’s going to be an enchanted forest garden party! I have had a lot of fun planning her parties. We’ve had sweets and treats, tea party and ice cream themes. I was wracking my brain to come up with something creative this year and as always Pinterest came to the rescue—I began collecting the posts here and I am so excited to put it together. (Her class party will be at a science lab with a Magic School Bus theme, one of her favorite shows to watch.)

4. WHAT’S FOR DINNER? I bought a slow cooker. I know! I have no idea what took me so long because it is indeed the best invention and a true lifesaver for parents. This is one of my favorite recipes so far.

5. THE STATEMENT SOCK. Want to know what I’m buying right now? Woldford (or any fishnet or statement) ankle socks because they are the greatest with loafers right now!

6. BOOK IT. I have been reading in my free time. Like a book! And not while on vacation! I finally succumbed to a Kindle a few months ago. I resisted for the same reason many others have—the feel of the book in my hands—but honestly, my eyesight is going and I like the free samples. Right now I’m reading Crazy Rich Asians and it’s highly entertaining. Pick it up if you’re heading on spring break or simply want a hilarious break from reality.

7. SUIT UP. I am giddy over the Mara Hoffman swimsuits. I’m have been into one-piece bathing suits since I bought this Dolce & Gabbana piece here. I have never worn Mara Hoffman so I can’t vouch for fit and quality but I know how hard it is to find a good swimsuit and great design like this doesn’t come around very often. I’ve included a few I like below—be sure to also visit marahoffman.com to see a lot more (it’s worth a look simply to see the beautiful shots from the new campaign; they are so clean and lovely.)

8. JUST GO SHOOT. My dear friend Ashley who shoots most of the photos on this blog (including the doughnut photo above) ticked off one of her photography bucket list items this week when she went to Finland and shot the Northern Lights. I can’t wait to see more of her stunning photography from her visit to Finland on Sed Bona.

9. FUN SNEAKERS. Love it or hate it, the trend of wearing sneakers with everything is certainly comfortable. I know I love my sneakers and there’s a few I’m lusting after right now. See my updated list of favorites divided into high and low pairs here.

10. DESIGNER CRUSH. I was fortunate to have the insanely talented Christine Dovey work with us on our current apartment (see here) and she’s on board for our next place, too. Her Monday moodboards are always packed with unique pieces and this week’s springy board was no exception.

Have a great week!

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