Your Weekly Update

This week’s update includes the five foods you should eat every day, a truly fascinating profile of former First Lady Barbara Bush, a recipe for my new favorite cupcakes to bake at home, and much more. Here’s to a wonderful and productive week.

1. The five foods you should eat every day.

2. This is a fascinating profile of Barbara Bush.

3. Sunscreens to wear under your makeup.

4. I’m adding this book to my summer reading list.

5. Are you using your concealer all wrong?

6. Some good ways to deal with stress.

7. I made these light and delicious carrot cake cupcakes for Easter and I’m baking them again this week for my daughter’s birthday. They really are the perfect carrot cake cupcakes—with only 1/4 cup of oil and one cup of brown sugar.

Photo in graphic by Ashley of Sed Bona. See more of the look here.

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