Comfy Sequin Slides To Wear Both Day and Night

I’m posting another pair of slides for the deal of the day because these sequin ones are too good and will sell out quickly. They come in three colors and remind me of these Dolce & Gahanna slides I bought last spring and wear constantly. They were the only “dressy” shoe I took to Italy and I wore them day and night. They’re perfect with both long and short dresses. I’m very set on a flat shoe with both mini and maxi dresses. A heel is too much with a mini skirt and seems off with a maxi skirt, so for me this is a very versatile type of shoe in my wardrobe, especially with the sequins.

Shop them here:

The Dolce & Gabbana ones above are still available in a few sizes here and are an extra 20 percent off right now.

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