Wide Leg Jeans Are the Best Thing Since Fancy Sneakers

I have been wearing wide leg jeans lately and really think I may never go back to a skinny jean again (the thought makes me cringe). They are maybe the best trend since wearing sneakers with everything became acceptable. You may think that a wide leg makes you look, well, wide, but if you wear them with something tucked in or cropped, they make your waist appear teeny tiny. But even with something more voluminous up top, they are a very modern statement in your wardrobe. And let’s not forget blissfully comfortable. Wide leg jeans—meaning a loosened, casual drape in the leg—are our reward for all those years we endured a button digging into our belly buttons. Personally, the 70s style draping (minus the bell bottoms, no thanks) makes me feel cool.

And these look perfect.

What do you think of the wide leg jean?

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