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Anna Roufos Sosa of Noir Friday rounds up interesting links from around the web to start your week off.

The best foods have one ingredient, there’s a new show coming on HBO set in Tuscany (with English subtitles) and jewelry designer Jennifer Fischer has a very inspiring story. Read about all this and more in this week’s Noir Friday update.

1. This article on fizzy waters is hilarious. Are you Team Lacroix or have you moved on to Spindrift? Personally, I buy Polar and a little bit of Spindrift. The piece is a funny jab at our rotating obsessions.

2. The next HBO show. Will you watch? The books have been on my reading list.

3. The health benefits of coffee are well-established at this point, but it matters what you’re putting in it. How do you take your coffee? I used to put creamer in mine but have been drinking it black for years (I do enjoy one really good latte about once a week). You really do get used to it drinking it black and pretty quickly at that.

4. Read about the life of Hubert de Givenchy, who passed away last week at the age 91. I had no idea about his friendship with Balenciaga.

5. A good Q+A on what you should eat. I regularly interviewed Dr. Katz when I was writing a lot about health during my freelance writing days and he always tells it straight. One tip: The best foods have one ingredient.

6. I made these cherry-date oat bars for Alexandra this week and she requested them again this week. They’re super yummy and filling and are very easy to make. Note: I used fresh dates instead of dried and substituted sun butter for the almond butter (we eat nuts but Alexandra’s school has a nut-free policy).

7. An inspiring piece about jewelry designer Jennifer Fisher. She survived a brain tumor, for one. A great tip: If you’re building a business, don’t look for holes in the marketplace, look for what’s missing in your own life.

Photo by Ashley of Sed Bona. See more of this look here.

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