Your Weekly Update

Anna Roufos Sosa of Noir Friday rounds up interesting links from around the web to start your week off.

This week’s Noir Friday news includes ways to improve your speaking skills, a simple way to focus when you need to, why you should avoid the dry cleaner and more.

1. Why you have more focus in a coffee shop.

2. 12 ways to improve your public speaking skills. One tip: embrace your own style.

3. You have not because you ask not.

4. I rarely send my clothing items to the dry cleaner and this article on how to modernize your laundry routine reinforces that all my arduous hand washing is worth it. Also, did you know front-loading machines actually work best when they are filled all the way up? I need to be better about this. I use the Laundress for my delicates, wool and cashmere, denim and swimwear. It’s highly concentrated so one bottle lasts a really long time.

5. The healthy school snack I’m making this week.

6. What happened to double-tapping a photo on Instagram because you actually like it?

7. The top 10 trends you’ll be seeing in 2018.

Have a great week.

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