Spruce Up Your Cold-Weather Looks With a Pair of Fab Earrings

March can be a tough month if you live in a cold climate: There are those final blasts of frigid cold just as you’re ready to shed all your layers and put on all the pastels. I get it. The weather was finally starting to warm up here in Chicago and then, bam, it was back 30 degrees and I had to pull out the faux fur again. That’s March: confusing. But since this winter has been so rough, here’s what I have been forced into thinking: why not give in to the confusion? I have actually been having some fun by mixing decidedly cold weather items (said faux fur) with warm-weather favorites (my new Cult Gaia bag, which I love and was not about to wait until the weather warmed up to wear). How fab would the earrings here look with a colorful knit? I have a feeling the look might make any remaining 30-degree days a lot more bearable. They kind of look like the Cult Gaia earrings, which are so beautiful. Those are here, too, below:

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