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Ask me what my tricks are for mixing prints and my response is, “I HAVE NO IDEA.” Honestly, if two (or three) pieces look good together, I put them together. I’ve read (or glossed over, yawn) the advice about how you should make sure the colors are in the same family or the scale of the prints are equal. Truth be told, I have no clue what that means. My number one tip for mixing prints is to use your instinct. If it feels right, it is. And if it feels off, it is. Don’t talk yourself into anything. It’s all about wearing what makes you feel good. I’m a huge fan of graphic prints. I love them for interiors, I love them in art, and I really love them on a great coat.









Unexpected pairings have long been such a part of my personal style that matching this skirt and top was actually a bold move for me. I can’t think of another matching set in my wardrobe apart from this Marc Jacobs one. I bought the Kenzo skirt weeks before I saw the top. I wore it with a simple tank in Napa and then saw the top on sale at Neiman Marcus right before the Simply Stylist conference in Chicago last August. I instantly fell for the cutouts and decided to go for the head-to-toe look. I wore the matching set again during a warm spell in LA with nothing more than my new red Gucci pumps. By then, I was itching to add a twist—and that’s where my favorite geometric Prada and new Miu Miu Glitter Mary Jane shoes came in. I always love the strong prints from all three designers—check out similar pieces in the links, as well as a slew of printed and glittering things I’m keeping an eye on.

I found the shoes on sale at Saks Fifth Avenue after Christmas. The Prada coat is one of my all-stars. I wrote it here with this Suno dress.

Weather you prefer matching sets or more unexpected pairings, I think the number one thing to keep in mind when shopping for designer pieces is versatility. Aways look for pieces you can wear a million different ways to get the most bang for your buck. A strong print is that for me.

What is your feeling on graphic prints? Love or hate?

Photos by Ashley of Sed Bona.

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