Love Always


My husband and I both shop the December/January sales, which means we won’t be exchanging gifts with one another for, well, ever. We don’t really buy each other gifts anymore. I’m happy with a card for Valentine’s Day and some quality time with the people I love.

To me, Valentine’s Day is more about indulging in lots of pink and red, heart shapes galore and the little pamperings you crave in the middle of February as you look forward to spring. Here’s what I’m crushing on right now.

Top row left: This playful Charlotte Olympia Sweet Talk Clutch reminds me that, once dressed, it’s important to be confident and happy in what you’re wearing. I pretty much dress for myself and no one else. It’s my way of transforming each day into what I want it to be. So, be yours and have fun with what you’re wearing. Top row middle: This Jil Sander Navy Wool Coat is irresistibly sweet—and on sale. Why not be bold and wear pink and red whenever the mood strikes. It’s a great color combination. Top row right: I have this Proenza Schouler Wallet in lipstick red and I love it. I was looking for a nice wallet at a reasonable price when I stumbled upon it one day at the designers’ website. I love the splash of red in my purse and the mini PS1 design. Note that it only has one compartment, so if you like each of your cards to have their own little slot, it may not work for you. But if you just keep them in a bunch like I do, you can pick from a range of other beautiful colors.

Second row left: I’ve had my eye on this Carven dress for weeks. I love the colors and embellishment at the neckline—and it’s on sale. I kind of want to see it further reduced but it’s great—great—and I may just miss out on it. It would be such a fantastic Valentine’s Day dress. Second row middle: I practically leaped out of bed when I came across this piece of art on Minted, which you can personalize with your own photos. This is so going in my daughter’s room in the gold foil. Second row right: I’d love to have more chic table books around like this one by Christian Louboutin to inspire and remind me that fashion is a craft—and that’s why I love it so.

Third row left: Soaking in a tub infused with this Jo Malone Red Roses Bath Oil sounds like heaven right now. I have been hitting the workouts hard—spinning, barre and yoga sculpt—and doubling up whenever I can. This has me in a tub full of epsom salts on a regular basis and the smell of roses while doing so sounds lovely. Third row middle: I would love to take these Christian Louboutin Sandals with me on vacation in a couple of weeks. One can dream… Third row right: I may just gift myself these Nike Liberty Sneakers and skip on over to barre class!

Last row left: I’m crazy about Tom Ford lipsticks. Every shade is incredible, and I think it’s time for a bright pink. Last row middle: Who doesn’t love a little glitter around Valentine’s Day. I’m obsessed with Saint Laurent and this Lulu Bunny Glitter Bag is the perfect way to add some dazzle to a ladylike look during the day or as an alternative to a clutch in the evening. It makes me want to click my heels down Madison Avenue like a modern Mad Men girl. Last row right: I always buy Cowshed hand soap and I recently discovered this Gorgeous Cow Blissful Bath and Shower Gel. It has ylang ylang, Moroccan rose, lavender and linden blossom essential oils. It’s basically springtime in a bottle and is one of those little things in February that just makes me happy.



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