Sale Splurges


There were a slew of discounts over the weekend but a lot of designers are just going on sale now. If you’re looking to make an investment during the sales, now is the time to do either snap something up you’ve been wanting and were just waiting for it to go on sale, or keep a super close eye at this point.

Handbags usually get snapped up right away, but some so make it to further discounts at Saks Fifth Avenue. If there is another discount, you have to be ready to click and buy immediately. They will last approximately 10 seconds. This is usually right before Christmas but the sales have been moving through the various stages pretty quickly this year.

I would love to get my hands on those striped Valentino boots. I seriously love them, and they are not widely available, but I’m going to see if they make it to the next round of cuts.

I also really love the black and white color block Valentino bagsā€”so classic and chic. Watching. The higher the price, the higher the chances are an item gets to final sale.

Finger crossed.

Enjoy the hunt.

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