Your Weekly Update

Grab (another) cup of coffee and get your week off to a great start with these musings:

1. These sneakers have been at the top of my wishlist for years. I have yet to find them on sale but I’m on the hunt.

2. Watch the new documentary about Dries Van Noten on Netflix—it’s super inspiring no matter what your profession. I love the designer so much, I have a Pinterest board devoted to him.

3. The five things smart people do.

4. The Valentino show this past weekend took my breath away with one incredible look after another.

5. I want to make all of these breakfast recipes.

6. I love this piece Leandra Medine wrote on feeling terrified days before giving birth. This part really resonated with me: “Before you make a big decision that will fundamentally change your life, you’ll often find a weird, lukewarm pit at the bottom of your belly that feels like an identity crisis. Do I really want this? you might ask. You were so sure you did, but now you don’t know.”

7. Are you a perfectionist? I am trying not to be. Here are three things to say to yourself.

Photo above by Ashley of Sed Bona. See more of this look here.

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