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Casual Friday

Everyone has a different approach to Casual Friday, which really depends on whether you work in a creative or more buttoned-up field. Working in media my entire career, first in magazines and then at a web company, I’ve always been…


The Uniform

Most of us have a uniform: a go-to look for daily life. Since becoming a mommy, mine has been skinny jeans with ankle boots, a sweatshirt or sweater, jacket or blazer and a roomy tote.


Mixing Prints

When it comes to putting an outfit together, I love mixing prints probably more than anything else. I don’t really follow any rules for doing so such as making sure the color or the scale is the same, or whatever…


The Glam Factor

When the Refined Side asked a group of bloggers including yours truly to each pick a glamourous item from our closets, I immediately thought of these Dolce & Gabbana heels. I saw them online this past fall and was instantly…


Alley Chic

I love the city. I often say the city is one of my great loves: God, my family, the city. It’s one of the essential characters in my life and a crucial part of my story.


Cold Comfort

I have stated on this site that I love winter. And I stand behind that statement. Still, the brutal cold over the past couple of weeks has tested even the strongest amongst us. Thankfully, the sun has been shining even…


Love Always

My husband and I both shop the December/January sales, which means we won’t be exchanging gifts with one another for, well, ever. We don’t really buy each other gifts anymore. I’m happy with a card for Valentine’s Day and some…


The Skin Savers

Confession: I’m less than diligent with my skincare routine when the weather is warm. I slick on a moisturizer with SPF in the morning and do a quick cleanse before bed in the evening (which, shoot me, may not involve…


Going, going, gone

The Net-a-Porter sale is on clearance — and there’s still much to be had. I’ve rounded up a few of the pieces that have me ready to hit that purchase tab.


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