Your Weekly Update

Anna Roufos Sosa rounds up interesting links from around the web in the Noir Friday weekly update.

Happy Monday! If you’re visiting Noir Friday for the first time, please allow me to introduce (or re-introduce if you’re already reader, thank you!) this column. I like to start each week with an update, which is basically a list of musings about anything and everything: interesting articles I want to share (and talk about), cute collections I’m shopping, interesting tips on things from dealing with stress to what to eat, and lots more. The aim is to somehow spark something for the week ahead. This week’s update includes lightweight concealers for the summer (because need), an interesting read about Georgina Chapman (which I’m still processing), tips for caring for your handbag (because should) and more. Read on:

1. This outdoor loveseat from Ikea is so perfect and the price is incredible for such a gorgeous statement piece. I’m buying it ASAP.

2. Six lightweight concealers for summer.

3. As a former print journalist, I most certainly see the importance of cultivating multiple professions.

4. The Hunter for Target collection is adorable. I bought a couple of things for my daughter, a pair of slides for my husband and a red jacket for myself. My local Target store keeps replenishing product and there are a bunch of things still online:

5. How to care for your handbags.

6. This article on Georgia Chapman is a good read.

7. A brief Q+A with the president of Intermix. On the most challenging part of her job: “I’d say the most challenging part is having the discipline to effectively distribute my time to initiatives that move the needle on the business, without getting pulled into the day-to-day problem solving that inevitably comes up.”

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